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Panama City presents a fantastic fusion of traditional handicrafts and international goods. A city, sitting on the crossroads of North and Latin America, is dominated by indigenous handicrafts such as the Panama hat (though it was invented in Ecuador); mola works by Kuna people, and handicrafts by Emberá, Ngöbe-Buglé Indians and Wounaan communities. On the other side, tourists will find no shortage of luxury goods, clothes and electronic items at half the prices that in the US or Europe. A shopper's paradise, if any Latin city could beat Panama for the creativeness in its handicrafts, it would only be Mexico City.

Metromall Panama
Go for: departmental stores, over 200 speciality shops, 10-screen cinemas and a food court
Address: Cerro Viento, Avenida Domigo Diaz, Panama City, Panama.

Albrook Mall
Go for: discount stores, kids wear, clothing, exquisite jewellery and food court
Address: Ave Marginal, Corregimiento de Ancón, Panama City, Panama.

Multiplaza Pacific
Go for: speciality and boutique shops for all reasons & seasons, movie theatre, several restaurants and a supermarket
Address: Via Israel, east of Punta Paitilla, Panama City, Panama.

Multicentro Shopping Mall
Go for: casino, 9-screen movie theatre, nightclub, restaurants, boutiques & shops selling apparel, furniture, perfume, art, and jewellery
Address: Balboa Ave., Panama City, Panama.

Los Pueblos
Go for: bargain shopping, shops selling clothing and household goods, dozens of departmental and speciality stores, food court
Address: Via Domingo Diaz, Road to the International Airport, Panama City, Panama.

Municipal Handicraft Center Panameñas
Go for: molas work by Kuna women, chaquiras, bags, hammocks, dresses, framed butterflies, clothes, and souvenirs.
Address: Panama City, Panama.

La Galeria Indigena
Go for: indigenous handicrafts, carvings, paintings, Emberá woven baskets and bowls, decorated gourds, figurines, masks, Panama hats from Ecuador, t-shirts, postcards, maracas, hammocks, decorated gourds, hats, animals figures, folk dance performances
Address: 0831, Panama City, Panama.

Mercado de Buhonería
Go for: Masks, hammocks, molas, t-shirts, sandals, maracas, masks, baskets, food stands and other handicrafts
Address: Panama City, Panama.

Souvenirs La Ronda
Go for: Ecuadorian Panama hats, molas, Carnival masks, wood carvings, paintings
Address: San Felipe, Calle 1, Casa La Ronda, Local No 1, Panama City, Panama.