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Panama City presents a fantastic fusion of traditional handicrafts and international designs. A city, sitting on the crossroads of North and Latin America, is apparently dominated by indigenous handicrafts such as the Panama hat (though it was invented in Ecuador); mola works by Kuna people, and handicrafts by Emberá, Ngöbe-Buglé Indians and Wounaan communities. On the other side, tourists will find no dearth of luxury goods, clothes and electronic items at half the prices that in US or Europe. A shopper's paradise, if any Latin city could beat Panama for the creativeness in its handicrafts it would only be Mexico City.

Metromall Panama

Go for: departmental stores, over 200 specialty shops, 10-screen cinema and a food court.

Address : Cerro Viento, Avenida Domigo Diaz, Panama City, Panama.

Albrook Mall

Go for: discount stores, kids wear, adult clothing, exquisite jewellery, Pizza hut, Wendy's and Kentucky's food courts

Address : Ave Marginal, Corregimiento de Ancón, Panama City, Panama.

Multiplaza Pacific

Go for: specialty and boutique shops for all reasons & seasons, movie theatre, several restaurants and a supermarket.

Address : Via Israel, east of Punta Paitilla, Panama City, Panama.

Multicentro Shopping Mall

Go for: casino, 9-screen movie theatre, nightclub, 30 restaurants, boutiques & shops selling apparel, furniture, perfume, art, and jewellery

Address : Balboa Ave., Panama City, Panama.

Los Pueblos

Go for: favourite among bargain shoppers, discount shops selling clothing and household goods, dozens of departmental and specialty stores, food court

Address : Via Domingo Diaz, Road to the International Airport, Panama City, Panama.

Municipal Handicraft Center Panameñas

Go for: molas work by Kuna women, chaquiras, bags, hammocks, dresses, framed butterflies, T-shirts, and other souvenirs.

Address : Panama City, Panama.

La Galeria Indigena

Go for: indigenous handicrafts, carvings, paintings, Emberá woven baskets and bowls, decorated gourds, figurines, masks, Panama hats from Ecuador, t-shirts, post cards, maracas, hammocks, decorated gourds, hats, animals figures, folk dance performances

Address : 0831, Panama City, Panama.

Mercado de Buhonería

Go for: Masks, hammocks, molas, t-shirts, sandals, maracas, masks, baskets, food stands and other handicrafts

Address : Panama City, Panama.

Souvenirs La Ronda

Go for : Ecuadorian Panama hats, molas, Carnival masks, wood carvings, paintings

Address : San Felipe, Calle 1, Casa La Ronda, Local No 1, Panama.