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Panama City offers a kaleidoscope of experiences for a variety-filled holiday. With pristine rainforests, the jaw-dropping feat of the Panama Canal and the Old City ruins there are a lot of experiences to choose from.

Panama Canal Tour

The Panama Canal is an architectural feat that joins the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean! It also forms an important route for international maritime trade. It is most commonly referred to as the eighth wonder of the world. Tour packages are available for partial or full transit through Panama Canal. The beauty and splendour of this engineering feat can only be experienced. The lush and vivid scenery that greets you on the crossing of the canal will leave you spellbound. The Canal Locks still operating today were a great engineering feat in their time.

Embera Village Tour

Witness the way of life of the Embera Tribe, which is far different from the modernised life of Panama City. Many of these villages have undertaken projects for tourists, to depict their lifestyle. Their crafts, dances and amazing jungle skills will let you truly appreciate a rich and vivid culture.

Amador Causeway

The Amador Causeway is the place to be in the early morning or in the late afternoons to escape the noise of the city. From here, you have a grand view of the Bridge of the Americas and the grand skyline of the old city. This is the place where people come from the city to walk, bike or dine. The islands connected by the Causeway have some beautiful restaurants, where you can indulge your gastronomic senses. The islands even have pleasant walking and cycling paths.

Pipeline Road

This tour is a real opportunity for bird enthusiasts to truly pamper their hobby. The Pipeline Road lies within the Soberania National Park. This is a true feast for nature lovers, especially for bird lovers. The road goes through the protected rainforest which is home to over more than 385 species of birds.

Folklore & Dinner

Sample delicious morsels of Panama cuisine and at the same time treat your eyes to the rich and rhythmic movements of folklore. The polleras worn by the woman for the dance are intricate works of art and are richly complemented by the head and body jewellery. Costumes of men though not so intricate, boast of gold or pearl buttons. Here you can view the true historic heritage of Latin American folk.

Scuba Diving Adventure

Panama City is the perfect destination for scuba lovers to go scuba diving. The Portobelo Bay and the waters circling the Sir Francis Drake Island are popular spots for scuba diving as it has pristine water and boasts abundant marine life. Divers can even try finding the coffin of Sir Francis Drake, buried somewhere in these waters!

Taboga Island

The Tagoba Island is a beautiful scenic paradise that you do not want to miss out on. It is coined as the ‘ island of flowers’ due to its often blooming vegetation. It forms one of the islands of the archipelago in the Pacific Ocean. On the island, you can explore the town, laze on the beach, sample the cuisine or just while away the day!


The Veracruz is the perfect destination to have some fun-filled beach time. The beach is only a 20 minutes ride away from the city centre. It is predominantly a fishing town and has quality fish markets. Fried bass and small rancho-style restaurants are the signatures of this area.

Panama Canal Railway Trans-Isthmus

Come aboard the historic railway that connects the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean. This train route was specifically created for the gold seekers who wanted to cross the continents without getting subjected to the Indians on the American Plains. The ride takes you through Panama Canal while depicting the rainforest scenery.