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Panama City (or simply Panama) is the largest and capital city of the Republic of Panama. The Republic of Panama is a transcontinental country in Central America and South America. The city of Panama is positioned at the Pacific entrance of the Panama Canal,in the province of Panama. This city is Panama's administrative and political. The city of Panama is also known as a Beta World City,owing to its important role in the global economic system.

The city is gifted by rich land reforms,surroundings and scenery. The skyscrapers,high-rise buildings form a dense skyline of the city. It is encircled by a large belt of tropical forest,which is essential for the functioning of the Panama Canal,and provides water required for the operation of the canal. The city is stepping forward on the path of progress and development due to real estate investment and a comparatively firm banking sector.

Panama City is home to the busiest and largest airport in Central America,the Tocumen International Airport.


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Density of Population

56/km2 (145.0/sq.mi.)

Total Population (2018)



2 m (7 ft)


August 15, 1519


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