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Panamanian love for theatre and music is echoed in the number of theatres spread across the city. While most of the theatre groups enact their plays in the local language,a few specialize in promoting English language arts. Despite the language or motive of the group,Panamanian theatre shares a common ambition – to develop the love for acting and appreciation of arts among the youth.

Theatre Guild of Ancón

The Theatre Guild of Ancón has been a prominent figure behind Panama’s theatre scene,producing English plays for more than 50 years. It is more interested in presenting comedies but they do showcase occasional dramas.

Address:Calle DIJ,Panama City,Panama.

Balboa Theatre

Inaugurated in 1950,Balboa Theatre is currently under the administration of Instituto Nacional de Cultura,Panama Government. Though the Art Deco venue is going under the knife,it has been very famous as a centre for entertainment,music,movies,live shows,etc.

Address:Av Arnulfo Arias Madrid,Panamá,Panama.

Teatro Nacional (National Theatre)

The National Theatre inaugurated in 1908 assumes the highest place in the art scene of Panama. It is built on a place that was previously thought to be an 18th century monastery. In earlier times,the National Theatre was a very popular meeting ground among the social elite,but later it lost its charm and was rented out as a movie theatre. However,with couple of restorations in the 2000s,the theatre has gained back its previous status. Along with the performance,the ceiling frescoes by Panamanian artist Robert Lewis are worth a mention.

Address:Av. B,Panamá,Panama.

Teatro En Circulo (Circle Theatre)

Teatro En Circulo was founded on January 18,1961,by Ms Lupe Alfaro,Isabel Nachi,Rosemarie de la Guardia,Judith Mature,Betty and Wendy Arnold Endara to generate curiosity about the theatre arena in Panama. Since then Teatro En Circulo has produced many amazing artistic works as well as encouraged a number of young people to participate in all levels of theatre activities. The Circle Theatre room is a 242-seat auditorium with a green room and bar area.

Address:Sixth Avenue North Street,Cl. Rodolfo Herbruger,Urbanization,Panama.

Teatro ABA

Teatro ABA is a theatre company made up of Anina Horta,Baby Torrijos,and Aurea Horta who have enacted several productions and presentations across Panama. They opened their own 170-seat theatre in 2000 where they organize many acting classes for children and adults to develop further interest in theatre arts. Teatro ABA has been the backbone of many performances acted out by today’s television and theatre actors.

Address:Transístmica Frente al S M Riba Smith,Panama.

Teatro Anita Villalaz

Teatro Anita Villalaz began operating as a theatre in 1996 presenting plays that leaned more towards alternative art. Their residence was once the courtroom of Supreme Court Justice but now it is used to promote art and theatre among the youth through plays,folk presentations,seminars,workshops and conferences. The theatre is a unit of the National Institute of Culture and currently houses a 250-seat auditorium.

Address:Calle 2a Oeste 85-81,Panamá,Panama.


Panama City residents like to catch a movie flick on the weekends like any other metropolis citizens. Across the city and shopping malls,there are quite a few movie halls that showcase the latest Hollywood flicks along with local cinema. Find the latest movies playing near you at the movie theatres listed below.
Movie TheatreAddress

Alhambra Chanis

Urbanizacion Chanis, Panama City, Panama

Cinemark Multicentro, SALA XD

Multicentro Ave Balboa, Panama City, Panama

Cinemark Multicentro, SALA PREMIER

Multicentro Ave Balboa, Panama City, Panama

Cinemark Multicentro

Multicentro Ave Balboa, Panama City, Panama

Cinemark Albrook Mall

Albrook Mall, Panama City, Panama

Alhambra Via España

Via España, Panama City, Panama

Alhambra Plus

Via Fernandez de Cordoba, Panama City, Panama

Cinepolis Metro Mall

Metro Mall Vía Tocumen, Panama City, Panama

Cinepolis Multiplaza Pacific

Multiplaza Punta Pacifica, Panama City, Panama

Cinepolis Multiplaza Pacific, VIP

Multiplaza Punta Pacifica, Panama City, Panama