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Panama City's nightlife is eclectic,sending across vivacious vibes of liveliness and vibrancy. There are clubs enveloping all three parts of the city,to suit every pocket. The historic Casco Viejo,the effervescent Amador Causeway locking the four Panama islands and the pulsating Calle Uruguay all have something unique to discover. If the affluent prefer to visit Decapolis Radisson Sushi Bar &Martini Lounge for its chic ambience,the Amador Causeway is preferred for the tempting ocean view it offers. Enjoy a perfect drink as you sway to the Panamanian beats of music.

The Wine Bar

Specially dedicated to a fine wine collection carefully selected by Chef Willy Diggelmann,The Wine Bar is a great place to enjoy a wide selection of wines with scrumptious cheese accompaniments,pizzas and other gourmet offerings.

Address:Plaza Downtown,El Cangrejo,Vía Veneto,Panamá,Panama.

El Pavo Real

If you are looking for a typical British pub,with traditional offerings like fish 'n chips,onion soup,burgers,chicken breast sandwiches then El Pavo Real fits the definition. Since 1981,the pub has taken to the likes of many expats as well as Panamanians who join over a game of dart and pool. Things begin to pick up after 11:00pm when there is occasional live music.

Address:Vía Argentina,Panamá,Panama.

HABIBIS Restaurant & Bar

Habibi's hangs under the strong influence of Turkish-Lebanese cuisine accentuated by Sheesha pipes and belly dancers giving company. Located in Calle Uruguay,there are two large indoor and outdoor areas where drinkers and diners can both wile their time away,enjoying the Mediterranean influenced cuisine,tobaccos,and the wide variety of spirits available. Upstairs there is a lounge akin to a sheikh's tent where one can puff a hookah surrounded by the flavours of Cuba libres.

Address:Calle 48 Bella vista y Calle Uruguay,Panamá,Panama.

The Londoner Pub & Restaurant Panama

The Londoner Pub is a true English pub replicating images from the UK on its walls and interiors. Their menu is one of its kinds,featuring imported English and Irish drinks that are not to be found in any other pub. The pub hits the mark with typical English fare coupled with pool tables,plasma TV and live music. Famous among the ex-pats as well as locals alike.

Address:Calle República de Uruguay,Panamá,Panama.

Istmo Brew Pub

Beer faithful now have their own to place to say at the Istmo Brew Pub located across the street from the Las Vegas Hotel Suites. The English style pub is an ideal place to sit back and relax over a mug of local or imported beer.

Address:Calle Eusebio A. Morales Ave,Panamá,Panama.


Casinos offer the thrill of gambling and Panamanian people’s love for partying is reflected in the wide variety of casino dotted across the city. Play the slots,table games or bid your luck to win one of the tournaments. Challenge your destiny at any one of the casinos in Panama City.
CasinoAddressTel. No.

Caesar Park Panama Hotel & Crown Casino

Israel & 77th Street

Caribe Hotel & Casino Caribe

Avenida Perú y Calle 28 Hotel Caribe

Casino Aguadulce

Avenida Rodolfo Chiari y Melchor Lasso de la Vega

Casino Avenida Central

Avenida 7ma Central Santa Ana Local 2A mitad de la planta principal

Casino Bolerama

Bethania y Urbano Los Angeles Antiguo Casino Nacional

Casino Chorrera

Avenida Las Americas La Chorrera

Casino Majestic

Multicentro Paitilla

Casino Marvil

Avenida Peru Edificio Marvil 3439

Casino Obarrio

Via Espana y Galeria Obarrio

Casino Penonome

Avenida Juan Demostenes Arosemena

Casino Psari

Avenida La Amistad Corregimiento de Bethania

Casino Rio Abajo

Calle 8va y Calle 7ma

Casino Santiago

Centro Comercial Galeria Salomon Avenida Central Local 6 y 7

Casino Via Veneto

Bella Vista El Cangrejo Calle D 55

Gran Estacion

Centro Comercial la Gran Estacion San Miguelito

Gran Hotel Soloy & Fiesta Casino

Avenida Peru y Calle 30

Hotel El Panama & Fiesta Casino

Via Espana 111

Hotel Internacional & Casino Internacional

Avenida Peru y Plaza 5 de Mayo Planta Baja

Riande Continental Hotel & Crown Casino

Via Espana y calle Ricardo Arias

Riande Granada Hotel & Crown Casino

Via Espana y calle Ricardo Arias