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Festivals of Panama are colourful and vibrant, reflecting the spirit of the Panamanian people. Many of them fall in the dry season from December to March, but there are other festivals throughout the year too.

Panama Jazz festival

This festival generally runs through 6 days and arrives at select venues throughout the country. Panama is a country that loves jazz. National and international artists do their best to woo the crowd. This festival falls in the month of January.

Panama carnival

Officially the festival lasts for 4 days. However, preparations for the festivities start long before them. It is a riot of colours with bright parades, dances, street parties, musical galas and fireworks lighting up the city. The carnival can fall either in February or March depending on the Christian calendar.


The main religion of the country is Roman Catholicism, so Easter is celebrated with great fanfare throughout the city. Families go to Church on holy days and later on celebrate with get-togethers, feasting and Easter decorations. Easter falls in the month of April.

Old Panama City Day

On this day, Panamanians go to Casco Viejo, the old city, to honour and pay homage to the city. This is a day to thank the old city for giving way to the new city that the Panamanians live in today. It also gave the country a rich natural and historical heritage. This day falls in the month of August.

Black Christ festival

This is an annual event and is held in the neighbouring village of Portobelo. There were many odd and unusual events that led the Black Christ statue to adopt the village as its home. The statue is paraded through the streets in honour of these events. This event is held in the month of October.

Independence Day

Panama celebrates its independence from neighbouring Columbia with great fanfare and fervour. The Panama Independence day is celebrated on 3 rd November.